Conference 2023

Youth that wrote history

Exhibition – At our conference, among the exhibitions displayed, there was a series on historical revolutionary movements – past and present. Especially as young people, we need to carefully study history to know where we come from – and where we want to go.

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Download as PDF (English) / Kurmancî / Español / Türkçe Declaration of the Youth Writing History Conference Principles As the youth of the world, as well as humanity as a whole, we are currently confronted with a systemic crisis of unprecedented intensity. The ecological catastrophe is worsening daily, wars are intensifying everywhere, nationalism and fascist

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young women writing history!

Sunday, 5.11.23 – panel discussion – On the last day of the conference, a big panel discussion was held on the topic „Young Women Writing History“. Speakers were Medya from Rojava as a representative of the Yekitiya Jinên Ciwan ya Rojava (YJCR), Julia Rosita from the organization Fenmucarinap of the territory claimed by Peru, as

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YOuth and economy

Saturday, 5.11.23 – workshop final statement – “Neo-liberal capitalism has been implemented to some extent in almost in all parts of the world. We, the youth, are suffering under all its consequences including privatization, decline in public service, tax cuts for the rich, precarious employment especially for young people who are stuck in loops of

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Youth and the problem of ecology

“The capitalist system tells us that there is no solution to the ecological crisis.” We have to question our consumerist mentalities and lifestyle. We have to introduce a new way of life like the first nation” The Workshop “Youth and the Problem of Ecology” gave an introduction into the role of youth in the struggle

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