Our Principles

We are organizing this conference as youth for youth. We want to strengthen our perspectives and develop our own initiative. We are tired of having the world explained to us by our elders – we want to decide our own destiny.

It is us as youth, together with women, who have been the force of change throughout the history of humanity, challenging the realities and fighting against oppression and for an alternative way of life for all of society. Youth is the force that has always been at the forefront of movements and historical achievements – whether it was the slave revolts against the Roman Empire and other imperial powers, the resistance to colonial powers around the world, the peasant wars in Europe, or the ’68 revolution – youth have always been the vanguard of change and struggle. We must revive that spirit and continue to write our history.

Modern times may boast of their new feminism, the “modern woman,” and the “equal society” but as we grow up as young women, we are faced with the harsh realities of violence, selfexploitation and objectification in every aspect of our lives. Thousands of women are kidnapped or brutally murdered in their own homes every year. The entire system we live in is built on the foundation of male dominance. We must ask ourselves the question: How can we fight patriarchy and initiate in a new era? What does it mean to actually build a women’s revolution?

After the failure of real socialism, the myth of the “end of history” emerged, stating that capitalism is the only and inevitable solution for society and that the struggle for any alternative is over. Now we see that this was not true – if it was not even a strategic lie to break the hope of society. We are living completely alienated from each other while the power of true self-determination is being ripped from our hands. We need to discuss how to make our societies truly democratic, collaborative and free.


We work to promote exchange between the youth movements in Kurdistan and democratic, anti-capitalist, feminist and ecological youth movements all over the world. For this purpose, we are in close exchange with youth organizations in Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria as well as Turkey and Europe and try to build bridges and promote mutual understanding through information and education work. In doing so, we focus primarily on the following areas:

Information and education | Exchange | Connecting struggles | Creating networks

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