World Youth Conference

We Will Write History!

Youth Writing History As todays youth, we are growing up in times of catastrophes, war and chaos. For that reason, youth initiatives all around the globe are organizing to struggle for an alternative life. With this 1st World Youth Conference, we are going to come together, discuss our perspectives, analyze the structures lying underneath the surface and strengthen our struggle against Capitalist Modernity. As the crisis we face is global, our answer must be a new Internationalism.

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Youth that wrote history

Exhibition – At our conference, among the exhibitions displayed, there was a series on historical revolutionary movements – past and […]


Download as PDF (English) / Kurmancî / Español / Türkçe Declaration of the Youth Writing History Conference Principles As the […]

Join us

for the 1st World Youth Conference from 3rd – 5th November 2023, Paris


Voices of the Youth

from all around the world


MSD, Syria


CRIC, Colombia


We work to promote exchange between the youth movements in Kurdistan and democratic, anti-capitalist, feminist and ecological youth movements all over the world. For this purpose, we are in close exchange with youth organizations in Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria as well as Turkey and Europe and try to build bridges and promote mutual understanding through information and education work. In doing so, we focus primarily on the following areas:

Information and education | Exchange | Connecting struggles | Creating networks

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