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Youth Writing History is a global network of different organizations and movements that are united in the search for an alternative life. Under the principle of Youth autonomy we are coming together at the first World Youth Conference as revolutionary youth from various backgrounds to discuss the crises we are facing today, learn from each other and develop common positions. In doing so, we are building upon the experiences of the previous youth conferences that were held in Amed (Diyarbakir) and Kobanê 2015 and 2019. With this year’s conference we are going to take the discussions to a global level. As a network of more then 16 different countries we see the necessity to organize internationally in order to overcome this worldwide crisis of capitalist modernity.

ARRAN is the youth organization of l’Esquerra Independentista. Heirs to the historical legacy of youth struggle that precedes us, we fight for independence, socialism and feminism in the Catalan Countries. In addition, we also consider as our own the ecological, anti-fascist, and anti-racist struggles, as well as for decent housing and work, for popular education and internationalist solidarity. This is our contribution to the construction of a society and a world free of all oppression and exploitation.

Poder Popular is a political organisation that seeks to change society from its roots through a revolutionary and internationalist, non-dogmatic Marxism and the construction of popular power. Faced with the economic, social and environmental crisis affecting Argentina and the world, we seek to build a project with unity and struggle in defence of the rights of the working class, women and sexual dissidence, popular sectors and the environment, based on feminism, anti-capitalism and eco-socialism.

A Syrian political, social, patriotic and democratic umbrella organization, consisting of organizations, movements, boards, committees, councils, young people of political parties and influential individuals. Our aim is organizing all Syrian youth in the Syrian territory and in foreign countries, on the basis of creating a more democratic and decentralized Syrian life, as well as building a free will of the youth and the independent democratic consciousness to build a moral and political society.

A council that forms the meeting place of the Kurdish youth in political parties, movements, organizations and independent Kurdish individuals.

With the aim of establishing a unified umbrella organization for the Kurdish youth, this council started its activities and manages its organization on the territory of Rojava Kurdistan and the northern and eastern parts of Syria, which is seen in all official fields as the representative of the Kurdish youth of Rojava Kurdistan.

Following its work with the goal of creating a democratic Rojava in a decentralized Syria and a free Kurdistan.

Anakbayan is an international militant youth organization espousing Marxism–Leninism–Maoism and National Democracy based in the Philippines.

Youth Center for Public Relations – We work to promote exchange between the youth movements in Kurdistan and democratic, anti-capitalist, feminist and ecological youth movements all over the world. For this purpose, we are in close exchange with youth organizations in Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria as well as Turkey and Europe and try to build bridges and promote mutual understanding through information and education work. In doing so, we focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Information and education
  • Exchange
  • Connecting struggles – creating networks

Since 2012 the Guarani and Kaiowa youth is discussing and organizing themselves, mainly within the Aty Guasu, the great assembly of the Guarani and Kaiowa people. In 2016, we officially emerge as RAJ, Retomada Aty Jovem, that unites young leaders, warriors, women, artists and yvyrai’ja – shaman apprentices of our people to struggle for the recovery of our ancestral territories and knowledge. We walk side by side with our ancestors, rising up against slave work in sugar cane fields, growing in small camps near the road, expelled from our land and murdered by extractivism. Through RAJ, we organize as grassroots councils to take our lives back and decolonize our conscience in struggle!

As associatin of women students from Kurdistan we see the necessity to organize autonomously in order to build up a strong force against patriarchy. As JXK we come together to analyse the ruling systems and find ways to break out of them. As kurdish women living and studying in the diaspora we are also confronted with an extreme assimiliation as well as criminalization of our identity. We fight for grassroot democracy and an ecologic society that puts the freedom of women in the centre.

We are YXK, umbrella organization of students from Kurdistan. Since 1991, we stand up for a free and democratic society. As organized students it is our particular concern to draw attention to the set social conditions and question them. We want to inform about the kurdish question and related conflicts as well as strengthen a consciousness for the own cultural identity.

Socialist Movement with over 120.000 members, located in South Africa and functioning in 5 provinces of the country. The movement has a mother body, Women’s league as well as the Youth league. These wings assist in the growth and functioning of the movement as they attend to people’s needs accordingly. AbM (Shack Dwellers) is made by the people, thus belongs to the people, it serves to build a just and equal society for all human kind.
The grassroots movement believes in promoting humanity, thus serves the needs of the people first, hence struggling for land, housing and dignity. While there are other matters we struggle for, these three remain the top priority for our peole to make the living conditions better.
Driven by the Marxists priniples which promote socialism, we see ourselves as well as a socialist movement.

An initiative consisting of movements, organizations, young people of political parties, governments, councils, unions of young people from all countries of the Middle East, with the aim of creating one line of youth power and to take a leading role in building moral and political societies, as well as for the construction of the Middle East on the basis of free, democratic and pluralist ideas and the implementation of justice and equality, the freedom of women and the free will of young people against all forms of government and occupation, and for the promotion and support of all people’s freedom revolutions.

Ernai is a revolutionary youth organisation, part of the pro-independence left in the Basque Country. Its objective is to achieve a young, free, socialist, feminist, ecologist and Basque speaking Basque Country. It struggles to overcome multiple opressions -nation, class, gender, sexual choice, functional diversity, ethnicity, adult held power…- and promote revolutionary praxis and values

PEPS, For a Popular and Social Ecology, is a self-managed confederalist organization of free people who fight for the emancipation of all, whose goal is to set up a self-managed ecological society, of degrowth chosen and freed from all oppression. Founded in November 2019 following the Yellow Vests movement, our popular anti-capitalist ecology movement works for the convergence between social and environmental struggles.

Trinacria is a popular movement that fights for the independence of Sicily. Our struggle is that to build a fairer and more sustainable society, for a real emancipation of women and for a real change in political and economic relations, looking carefully at the specific needs of our land.
The highest unemployment and poverty rates in the EU, underdevelopment, military occupation, polluting and extractive industry, non-existent public services and, as a consequence, a constant flow of people leaving our land: these are the chains we want to free ourselves from, to create the island we want it to be: “pacific, just, prosperous, happy; without tyrants nor exploiters».

Lista demokratičnega študentstva (LDŠ) is a student organisation based in Slovenia focused on exploring different theoretical perspectives and practical approaches to promote and support political organization of the youth. They strive to open a space of thinking independent of institutional education where knowledge can be critically questioned through the lens of the current systemic crisis. Their central aim is to organise locally while building international connections to advance and co-create a global democratic movement and struggle together against all forms and systems of oppression.

Socialist Youth (Norwegian: Sosialistisk Ungdom) is the youth league of the Socialist Left Party of Norway. Some of our core values are socialism, feminism and international solidarity.

Marxist-Leninist organization, committed to the complete overhaul of the current exploitative capitalist system and its replacement by socialism.
The Revolutionary Socialist League is an organization anchored on fighting for the emancipation of the working class; those whose labor produces the means of livelihood for all the people of the world, from the yoke of capitalism. The RSL seeks to work towards the
triumph of labor over capital.
The Revolutionary Socialist League fights for the total liberation of the Kenyan people in particular and the African people in general, and all the oppressed and suppressed peoples of the world struggling to smash exploitation in all its forms. The RSL is geared towards the ultimate fulfillment of the aspirations of the people of Kenya, Africa, and the world at large.
The RSL, in committing itself to the struggle of the working class of the whole world, recognizes the need to come together speedily, for the sake of the triumph of the International Socialist Movement, with other working class organizations throughout the world, into an international socialist organization.


We work to promote exchange between the youth movements in Kurdistan and democratic, anti-capitalist, feminist and ecological youth movements all over the world. For this purpose, we are in close exchange with youth organizations in Kurdistan, Iraq, Syria as well as Turkey and Europe and try to build bridges and promote mutual understanding through information and education work. In doing so, we focus primarily on the following areas:

Information and education | Exchange | Connecting struggles | Creating networks

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