summary of day 2

Saturday, 4th November Today, the second day of the World Youth Conference has taken place. It was a day of education and discussion, as the young delegates, militants and activists got to know each other and their struggles better. Therefore the day was created differently then the first day; during the day 12 workshops with […]

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At the peak of the crisis

Understanding today’s world – a summary of the panel discussion In Friday’s panel we heard from four different continents, presenting an analysis of the international context, drawing from their local realities and experiences in their struggles against fascists regimes and capitalist modernity. A young women from Argentina, representing Poder Popular, spoke about the political bourgeoisie

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Fighting means remembering

An exhibition at the World Youth Conference commemorates 34 people who died fighting for their values, values we fight for today. We owe it to them to honor and preserve their achievements, not to repeat their mistakes and to never forget who their murderers were. Download as PDF

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Opening Ceremony

“We’re the ones that can lead society out of the darkness of Capitalist Modernity!” The First World Youth Conference has officially started.300 young people came together from over 50 countries. “In today’s world of chaos, wars and crisis, it is the youth that will lead the way to a free world!” The opening ceremony started

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