YOuth and economy

Saturday, 5.11.23 – workshop final statement –

“Neo-liberal capitalism has been implemented to some extent in almost in all parts of the world. We, the youth, are suffering under all its consequences including privatization, decline in public service, tax cuts for the rich, precarious employment especially for young people who are stuck in loops of under- and over-qualification, internships and temporal employment.

The traditional ways of organizing, such as labor unions and syndicates, often fail addressing workers needs and demands. Their few elected representatives do not have the upper hand in dealing with employers and government. If these representatives do not get bribed, corrupted, fired or incorporated, they have no possibility to change the power dynamics. In order to make a difference and force employers and governments to accept our demands, the workshop participants proposed to adopt a council-oriented struggle. This entails collective decision making and action which in turn gives the necessary self-confidence and class-consciousness to workers to push back against the power of the capitalists. Increasing the degree of organizing of the economy by adopting a council-oriented model, means that we take the material basis of our lives back into our hands!”

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